Stop Congress from Hurting Small Businesses

Dear Friends,

Five years ago, we founded Map Labs to help small companies leverage the combination of Google Maps and Google Business Profiles (GBP), because we believed that capturing actionable Maps/GBP data would produce extraordinary results for your business. We were right, but now we’re concerned that Congress might inadvertently undermine the Maps/Profiles/Search ecosystem in ways that could hurt your business.

As you may know, some lawmakers believe that “Big Tech” firms –  Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon – are too big and that legislation is needed to force changes in how the platforms operate. The problem is that several legislative proposals could make working with GBP more difficult, expensive, or less useful – or all of the above. Imagine if consumers searching for your business see Yelp or TripAdvisor profiles, Bing Maps, or other third-party data rather than your Google Business Profile. That’s what could happen if Congress approves this legislation.

If you like how Google Search + Maps + Business Profiles work today, and you don’t want Congress messing things up, then together, we can make a difference.

  1. First, and easiest, click here and send letters to Congress, urging them to consider small businesses when legislating about Big Tech. Nearly 50,000 letters have already been sent by thousands of small businesses reminding Congress that Google and other platforms may be very large companies, but that’s in part why they can offer affordable tools that deliver great value for small businesses.
  2. Join a virtual meeting or roundtable with your Member of Congress. Our friends at Connected Commerce Council (3C) – a nonprofit small business membership organization – work with thousands of small businesses nationwide, connecting them with state and federal elected officials. They will work with you to prepare background notes and talking points and will also attend the meeting, so you have support. Your role will be to tell your business story, which is incredibly valuable so that Members of Congress hear from real people and not only lobbyists.
  3. Author an op-ed and have it published in your local newspaper or online. 3C will help you draft and will place your op-ed in a local paper. Sign up here if you’re interested in this great opportunity to help others appreciate the importance of protecting digital tools for small businesses.
  4. Tweet, post something in your company or industry blog or send an email to your local Chamber of Commerce. Everything helps;  it’s just about doing what is easiest and most comfortable for you. Sign up here to connect with a 3C person who will work with you.

We’re happy to do everything necessary to stop ill-considered legislation that will hurt our small business clients. We hope you will send a letter to Congress, and then click on this form and let us know other ways you can help.

We’re ready to do almost anything that helps keep your small businesses front and center when Congress legislates! Join us!

Thank you very much for your support.

March 30, 2022