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Union Square Hospitality Group increases bookings by 166% in less than a year.

Union Square Hospitality Group uses Map Labs’ best-in-class reporting software and professional services to optimize all their locations and correlate Google Maps data with actual foot traffic. 


MORE Bookings
MORE Reviews
MORE Direction Requests
MORE Menu Views
MORE Search Views
Union Square Hospitality Group Case Study

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Founded in 1985 as Union Square Cafe, Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) comprises some of New York’s most beloved and acclaimed restaurants, including Gramercy Tavern, The Modern, and more.

Map Labs began working with USHG in April 2022 and immediately got to work optimizing the business listings for all of their restaurants on Google Maps. 

Map Labs regularly coaches and guides the marketing team on strategy and execution so that USHG is able to make the most out of Google Maps as a top marketing channel.


USHG was manually maintaining their restaurant locations on Google Maps and missing key performance insights to increase engagement.

Although USHG was maintaining their business listings on Google Maps on their own, it felt more like going through the motions. It wasn’t easy to clearly understand the performance of each restaurant and USHG’s overall business. Plus, keeping multiple profiles up to date and secure was becoming more difficult.

Setting up and managing profile information such as name, phone number, and URLs, is one thing. Reporting actual results like foot traffic, phone calls, and bookings with confidence is another. USHG needed a better solution to measure customer engagement, how they were being found, and what actions customers took.

The marketing team also needed help unearthing Google Maps Insights. They felt like they were flying blind and not getting the insights they needed to create better strategy and execution.

“We needed more than just basic profile management. We needed a better reporting tool and a partner that could help guide us.”

Mausam Shah, Senior Manager


Map Labs specializes in business profile optimization and reporting for multi-location businesses like USHG on Google Maps. They also provide coaching and guidance so that internal marketing teams can get the most out of Google Maps as a marketing channel.

Map Labs made it easier to report the performance for each restaurant, USHG’s business as a whole, as well as Google Maps as a marketing channel. And because Map Labs Performance Reports use first-party data from Google, USHG was able to capture aggregated data they couldn’t get anywhere else. That data is automatically archived for 18 months and accumulates into perpetuity.  

Map Labs is also part of the USHG team. Regular bi-weekly coaching sessions unearth insights and help guide USHG’s marketing team in the right direction. The regular feedback and collaboration is a key success factor in growing the channel and maintaining the relationship.

“As a Google Business Profile user myself, I know the impact that this is having on our business. Map Labs helps us improve our user experience on Google Maps.”

Mausam Shah, Senior Manager


In less than one year, Map Labs increased USHG restaurant bookings by 166%. The marketing team was able to correlate the increase in bookings with foot traffic, overall business performance, and the associated revenue. Furthermore, the number of New Reviews, Direction Requests, Menu Views, and Search Views all generated double-digit growth.  

USHG Case Study - Bookings
USHG Case Study - New Reviews
USHG Case Study - Direction Requests
USHG Case Study - Menu Views


Map Labs software and services help USHG gain actionable insights from their Google Maps channel. They not only save countless hours, they also have clear and concise reports that are easy to understand and explain. More importantly, they have a trusted and experienced partner who is making them channel experts.

With Map Labs, USHG is able to:

  • Measure how customers find them and the actions they take.
  • Correlate data with foot-traffic, performance, and revenue.
  • Save countless hours publishing and updating content.
  • Manage their brand and reputation across all locations.

“Map Labs’ software and services are excellent. The reports make it easy to break down the data for Corporate yet still provide all the data for Marketing. They also take the time to answer questions and help solve problems. They are very helpful.”

Mausam Shah, Senior Manager

Union Square Hospitality Group

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