Healthcare Case Study

National healthcare provider increases mobile phone calls by 43% on Google Maps.

This Fortune 500 healthcare firm consistently generates more engagement with patients and spends less money on Google Maps than on SEO and paid advertising.


LESS cost on GMaps vs. Ads
MORE Mobile Calls
GMaps cost per lead
Paid Ads cost per lead
MORE Website Visits
Healthcare Case Study

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Map Labs has been partnered with a large national healthcare provider to help manage over 250 business profiles on Google Maps. The firm is ranked on the Fortune 500 and is one of America’s largest healthcare providers. 

Map Labs helped optimize every location on Google Maps, leading to more mobile phone calls, more website visits, and more demand for their products and services at a much lower cost than aggregator tools and paid ads.


This national healthcare provider faced several challenges in their efforts to generate business efficiently and cost-effectively across 300+ locations.

The firm operates many healthcare locations across the US and has been actively expanding its operations, leading to branding and rebranding efforts for new and existing locations. They needed a better way to engage with patients at the local level that could also integrate with their paid advertising. 

Manually creating, updating, and managing over 300 business profiles is time-consuming and resource-intensive, let alone effectively reporting the performance of each location. The firm previously relied on aggregator tools and marketing agencies to generate leads using paid advertising, but these solutions proved costly.

To promote and report the performance of their various healthcare services, offers, and updates, they needed a solution that could streamline processes and engage with patients directly. Measuring and reporting real-world performance was difficult, as was maintaining consistent and accurate information across all locations.

“Setting up, managing, branding, and rebranding every location was proving to be too difficult.”

Senior Marketing Executive, National Healthcare Provider


After assessing the healthcare provider’s Google Maps channel, Map Labs got to work. The goal was simple: streamline the setup, management, and performance of their Google Business Profiles to generate more demand for less cost.

Map Labs specializes in Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization and performance reporting for Google Maps. Together with first-party data and our coaching, the healthcare provider was able to easily create intuitive comparison and roll-up reports that clearly showed real-world patient engagement results for every location, especially those that were not performing as well as others. 

Many tasks, such as managing and updating holiday hours, post content, and review responses now take seconds instead of hours. In most cases, and depending on the region, Google Maps quickly became their #1 patient engagement channel, significantly outperforming SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, and aggregator services. 

Proving Google Maps’ value and reallocating budget was a no-brainer.

“The location management and reporting in Map Labs is solid. The data is excellent and the charts are easy to understand and explain.”

Senior Marketing Executive, National Healthcare Provider


Map Labs has helped this national healthcare provider consistently generate more mobile phone calls, more website visits, plus the same amount of business on Google Maps as paid advertising but at a cost that’s 20x less. And with a Cost Per Lead (CPL) of only $11 per lead compared to $217 for Paid Advertising, Google Maps proved to be highly cost-effective and instrumental in driving business growth for each location and for the organization.

Healthcare Case Study - Google Maps vs. Paid Advertising


Managing locations at scale and reporting location performance has never been easier. And because the data is first-party, the results and charts are easier to explain and understand. Measuring against Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Google Maps consistently proves it generates a much lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) than paid ads.

With Map Labs, healthcare providers are able to:

  • Engage with more patients.
  • Reallocate and maximize marketing investment.
  • Track and measure Google Maps’ direct impact on the business.
  • Automate tasks, updates, and reviews across all locations.

“Map Labs makes it easy to catch demand and expand our reach. The software and the services team evolves with us and keeps up with our needs. They teach us a ton and we have become better marketers.”

Senior Marketing Executive, National Healthcare Provider

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