Agency Case Study – Lubbock Web Guy

Lubbock Web Guy uses Map Labs’ free tools to measure, manage and maximize real-world outcomes for their clients.

Since switching to Map Labs free plan five years ago, marketing agency Lubbock Web Guy has been able to consistently show their clients results for their business listings on Google Maps.


Lubbock Web Guy (LWG) is a full-service boutique agency specializing in web design and local digital marketing in the Lubbock, Texas, area. 

LWG has 80+ profiles on Map Labs’s free plan because…

is the best over any other solution tried and tested to date.
is better than anything else previously used.
Data visualizations
make things easy for clients to understand.

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LWG recognized the importance of GBP from the beginning (Google My Business), the prominence that Google places on it, and the results that it delivers for growing local search performance for LWG’s clients.

LWG began using the free version of Map Labs in 2018 when Casey Lindsey, LWG Partner, was looking for reporting products that were alternatives to Yellow Pages’ Hibu. 

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LWG needed better reporting for their clients. The ability to clearly show results was seriously lacking with existing products. Before finding Map Labs, LWG struggled with providing real-world results to their clients. There weren’t any free tools that produced reports that made it easy to see how their clients’ businesses were performing on Google Maps. 

For example, Hibu would show “37 interactions last month”. But that didn’t provide any insight into what the customer actually did, what actions they took, and how that measured against the previous month or the previous year.  That made explaining business performance very difficult.

“The results I was getting from Hibu didn’t really tell me anything. I wasn’t able to show my clients how they were doing month-over-month. The data was very anecdotal.”

Casey Lindsey, Partner


Map Labs helps marketing agencies manage, measure, and maximize business listings for their clients on Google Maps. The performance and keyword reporting features make it easy to measure how customers find their businesses and what actions they take.

Because options were limited, when LWG stumbled upon Map Labs, they knew they had found the reporting features that could prove invaluable for being able to show results to their clients. They could now see how easy it would be to create reports that they could explain and measure real-world outcomes. 

The UI and data visualizations were better than anything else LWG used in the past. The data visualization makes it easy for clients to understand. For LWG, there isn’t anything that delivers the ROI that Google Maps delivers, and Map Labs ended up demonstrating that ROI better than any other local search marketing solution.

Reallocating and reinvesting money was a no-brainer.

“I love the graphics that you use. The data visualizations just make things easy for our clients to understand what’s happening in their business.”

Casey Lindsey, Partner


Since switching to Map Labs free plan in 2018, LWG has been able to make Google Business Profiles the number one customer acquisition channel for their clients. And because Map Labs makes the data easy to explain and understand, LWG is able to show their clients how to better engage with their customers with up-to-date content, relevant offers, and timely responses to reviews. 


Map Labs software helps LWG show their clients how each of their business locations perform on Google Maps, for free!

Map Labs makes it easy for LWG to measure and report how potential customers find their clients’ business locations and what actions they take.

With Map Labs, LWG is able to:

  • Measure and report real-world customer engagement.
  • Report foot traffic, performance, and revenue. 
  • Save countless hours publishing and updating content for their clients.

“I compare almost anything I use to Map Labs because to me, Map Labs is the standard from the standpoint of reporting and data visualization. I love the reports because they make things easy for our clients to see and understand the ROI they are achieving.”

Casey Lindsay, Partner
Lubbock Web Guy

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